Version 3.3.0 is our second release this year, just one month after 3.2.0. This incremental release includes a number of bugfixes and security improvements as you can see in the changelog

3.3.0 Changelog

– Add description to simultaneous questions layout
– Enhance the legal page on the voting booth and election public site  and make them configurable.
– Add support for custom html in the admin console, elections gui and voting booth.
– Add copyright headers to most files on all Agora Voting projects.
– Refactor footer and include the footer on voting booth and the election public site.
– Fix next button while creating election on admin gui when success action is hidden.
– Fix reset tally command (used rarely, when all authorities agree to do a second tally) on election orchestra.
– Security improvement: verify client CAs for keydone/tallydone post messages to agora_elections.
– Fix eotest so that HTTPS is required and certificates and used and checked.
– Fix election orchestra so that HTTP connections are rejected.
– fix selfsigned CAs so that they work also when an external domain is configured.

We will update our Software as a Service so you can test it right away. Alternatively, you can deploy it [for development]( or [for production]( following the linked instructions.