Primaries and candidate elections

Putting together electoral lists is one of the most important internal processes inside a political party. It is also an opportunity to involve affiliates or even reach out to the general electorate with this decision, providing visibility, legitimacy and transparency to the process if performed through primary elections.

There is a plethora of choices and options to take when conducting primaries. You can vote only the head of list, or the whole list. You can pick up applications with different requirements, such as support and signatures to require or to sign an ethical document. When voting, the vote can be preferential or non-preferential, apply parity criteria or not, and there are multiple counting systems to be chosen. It is key the definition of the different stages of the process, as also is giving equal and adequate publicity to each candidate.

Our extensive experience in Agora Voting in conducting primaries and in general candidate elections has allowed us to develop solutions that fit the unique needs of each client. Depending on the security level and the magnitude of the election, we provide solutions from software as a service to customized services with high security measures for nationwide elections.