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Trusted by millions, nVotes powers elections around
the world. See below what nVotes can do for you.


  • Increase participation with happy voters
  • Engage your electorate with ease
  • Build trust publishing proofs of the election results
  • Resolve having robust elections on a budget
  • Use a solution loved by millions of voters
  • Use a tool that allows you to meet the requirements of your organization



per election


per elegible voter

* VAT not incl.

  • Everything you love about nVotes Free
  • Ensure nobody knows your vote letting 2 independent authorities apply our world-class cryptography
  • Feel safe with our awesome technical support to election organizers
  • Connect with your voters through SMS authentication
  • Let everyone feel like home with a highly customizable voter experience


  • All of the robust features of nVotes Premium
  • Have the best technical support for election organizers
  • Ensure everything is under control applying our action protocol and security procedures
  • Comply with the security and availability requirements with a dedicated deployment
  • Let our best engineers make sure all your advanced requirements are met
Free Premium Enterprise
Per election fee 0€ 1,000€/election
Per eligible voter fee 0€ 0.2€/voter
Extra SMS/email message n/a 0.2€/message
Days in advance to start a real election after successful mock election 3 days 0 days contact us
Days in advance needed for a signed contract n/a n/a 30 days
Payment in advance through Paypal or wire transfer n/a
Dedicated deployment setup fee
Email One-Time-Password (OTP) authentication method
Organizer-provided password authentication
SMS One-Time-Password (OTP) authentication method
Configurable election organizer authentication method
Multiple authentication mechanisms contact us
LDAP authentication contact us
Postal mail One-Time-Password (OTP) authentication method contact us
Digital certificates / Electronic-Id contact us
Two factor authentication methods contact us
Integration with external authorization APIs contact us
Ballot encrypted with javascript in the web browser
Vote privacy ensured by independent election authorities
Deployment in your premises or with specific servers provider contact us
Closed census registry
Custom census registration fields
Open census registry
Voters can change their vote
Backups and online-replication
Cast-as-intended verifiability
Recorded-as-cast verifiability
Counted-as-recorded verifiability
Responsable disclosure policy, Security contact and Hall of fame
Ballot signed by server contact us
Ballot signed by voter contact us
Dedicated threat model analysis contact us
Eligibility audit contact us
Security audit, vulnerability assessment and penetration test contact us
Bug bounty program contact us
PDF election results certificate
Public election events registry
Independent election authorities oversee action protocol compliance
Warrant canary contact us
High-Availability & scalable load balancing setup
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack mitigation
Infrastructure shared shared dedicated
6 extra months of infrastructure maintenance n/a n/a contact us
Months of infrastructure maintenance n/a n/a 2 months
Installation on your own infrastructure contact us
Dedicated pre-production environment deployment contact us
Community provided support
Email support for election organizers
Telephone support for election organizers
Email support for voters contact us
Telephone support for voters contact us
Chat support for voters contact us
Custom email messages
Custom logo
Custom colors and style sheets
Custom domain or subdomain
Custom sender-id in SMS
Software customization support contact us
Simple tally methods support
Hybrid elections support
Mock election enforcement
Advanced tally methods
Simultaneous hybrid election support having at the same time paper ballots and an online election contact us
Custom tally method contact us
Mock election enforcement
Mock election validated by nVotes
2 hours remote consultancy session
Definition of an Action Protocol
Postmortem analysis & meeting contact us
Contracting with a public corporation contact us