Election Title

The title of the election, for example "ABC Association General Meeting 2019".


  • Only plain text is allowed. Does not allow any HTML or other kind of formatting.
  • It is a required field, must not be empty and can contain a maximum of 300 characters.
  • UTF-8 characters are allowed, but be aware that some characters might not be supported by the font types where the title appears.
  • The new line character are not supported.

Where it appears

  • The public pages of the election.
  • The initial screen of the voting booth.
  • The election results (available in different formats, like PDF, CSV, etc).

Notes and recomendations

  • Because of its prominence, the election title should be descriptive, but short and to the point.
  • Don't confuse the election title with question title: a single election can contain multiple questions.