Election Custom Logo

URL corresponding to a logo that will be displayed in various places to make the election more adapted to the image of your organization.


This is feature is not available in the Free plan, only available in the Prime and Full Prime plans. Please check our pricing plans for more information.


  • It is an optional field and is empty be default. When left empty, it will be replaced with nVotes logo.
  • The URL must start with https:// and not http:// because otherwise web browsers won't show the image for security reasons.
  • The URL of the logo cannot be longer than 300 characters.
  • An example valid URL could be: https://nvotes.com/wp-content/uploads/nvotes_online_voting_logo_blue_long_for_web.png

Where it appears

  • It appears in the top left corner of public page of the election.
  • It appears in the top left corner of the voting booth.

Notes and recomendations

  • The logo will not be enshrinked, it will be shown at the size you provided.
  • The recommended format of the logo image should be PNG or JPG, but any image format allowed by a web browser will be valid.
  • Because the logo appears in top navegation bar, it is recommended to use a logo with a height of around 30 pixels, which is the default size of the top bar plus 10 pixels of separation from the border. Because this is means a small image, you can remove any border in your logo image to make it appear bigger.
  • The maximum recommended size is 150x150 pixels.