Election Description

Election description is where you can explain valuable information to voters, the electorate and the public.


  • It is optional, you can leave it blank (although it is not recommended).
  • It can contain up to 3,000 characters.
  • It allows simplified HTML:
    • You can mark as bold something with <strong>something important</strong>
    • You can mark as italic something with <i>something important</i>
    • You can create a link like this one something with <a href="https://nvotes.com">this one</a>. Links will always open in a new tab.
    • You can add paragraphs with two new line HTML elements as in <br><br>. Do not use the <p> element because the whole description is inside a single <p> element.
    • Other HTML elements will be sanitized and are not allowed.

Where it appears

  • It appears in the public page of the election.
  • It appears in the start screen of the voting booth.

Notes and recomendations

  • Links can be helpful to ease access to a webpage with information on candidates, a document, the organization statutes, etc... or a link to a video explaining the voting process (for example, a video recorded with a smarthphone, camtasia, screenr, screencastle, etc… in a test election).
  • If the text is very large, it will appear partially collapsed in the voting booth with a small icon to fully expand the description.
  • It is not advisable to use a very large description, because many voters won't read it.