Basic details

Election title

Election title. For example, 'Municipal Elections 2016 ABC Party'.

Election description

Election description (purpose, organizators, contact info, etc...).

It is possible to include html links like the next: Click <a href="">here</a> to see the candidates

Links can also be used to ease access to a webpage with information on candidacies, a document, the organization statutes, etc... or a link to a video explaining the voting process (for example, a video recorded with a smarthphone, camtasia, screenr, screencastle, etc… in a test election).

It is of particular importance to include the contact details in the election description in case a voter has a doubt, for enquiries, possible issues, etc...

Important! The election description is also the place where the admin has to include the legal information on how to comply with the applicable legislation and as described in the Terms of Service and the nVotes Privacy Policy.

Shared text

Small text string that voters can tweet after casting their ballot.