Admin console

Once you login as administrator, the admin dashboard will be loaded. The admin dashboard allows you to create and manage elections. On the right, a list of elections is displayed. On the left, a menu with two buttons ('New election' and 'Import') is displayed.

List of elections

The list of elections> shows details on all elections, such as the election ids, their name and description, status (created/started...), and participation level. There is a search field on top of the list to enable filtering elections by name or description. Clicking on an election will load the election dashboard.

New Election

An election can be created by clicking on 'New Election' inside the admin console.


Elections can be imported by clicking on 'Import' in the admin console. Importing an election from csv allows you to manage and automate the creation of elections details from an external source. Read more about the CSV election format here. Read more about the CSV election format here. If you want to create many elections at once, you can use the API or contact us.