About us

Lucas Cervera
Lucas Cervera (Co-founder & CEO)

He studied Business Administration at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and then started his career at Reuters Consulting. Later, he co-founded metroCube, a web application that aimed to document business procedures that we sold worldwide over the internet. Afterwards, he also co-founded Sonar Ventures, a digital businesses accelerator. He also is a co-founder of the Iniciador Foundation, the biggest entrepreneur community in Spain. Since 2010 he is a professor, mentor and speaker on innovation and design + businesses validation.

Eduardo Robles
Eduardo Robles (Co-founder & CTO)

He studied Computer Science Engineering at Universidad de Sevilla. He received a Google internship/grant to work for KDE while I was studying at the university. After finishing his studies, he co-founded the technology consulting company Wadobo. Since 2010 he has been involved in the development of citizen participation systems and secure electronic voting. Since then, he has had experience at the technical level developing the software as well as managing elections, clients and employees.

David Ruescas
David Ruescas (Co-founder and Head of R&D)

David studied Physics at the Imperial College London and started his career at Reuters Consulting in the technological innovation department. Later, he cofounded metoCube, a semantic wiki that aimed to document business procedures based in knowledge representation procedures. He has 10 years of experience on cryptographically secure voting systems in the context of digital democracy.