Nowadays, there are tons of things we do online, from shopping to doing any kind of official arrangement. And you may think, why not voting online too? Whether you are part of a small, medium or large organization, you may have thought at some point about the reasons to choose online voting and how it could benefit your entity. Here I give you five reasons why online voting could be a good option for you:

  • Vote at any time from anywhere: Today’s way of living doesn’t leave much free time. We have little to no time to do anything or go anywhere. So don’t you think that maybe giving the chance to the members of your organization to cast their vote in just a few minutes, without the need to go to a certain place, would be a good option? If your answer is “yes”, then you should probably consider online voting. Unlike traditional voting, that makes voters go to a specific place at a specific time in order to vote, online voting allows them to cast their vote at any time of the day and from any place, just with the need of an Internet connection.
  • Boost participation: As a result of the previous point, choosing online voting for your election will more likely boost the participation. You will give the chance to members that otherwise may not be able to vote. At this point, you might be thinking “what about the people that for any reason can’t vote online, wouldn’t we lose their participation then?“. I have good news for you: running an electoral process online does not mean that you have to discard traditional voting. This is not one thing or the other. Depending on the provider of the online voting system you choose, a hybrid election might be possible. With a hybrid voting, you will be able to let voters participate in the election by either of the two ways, traditional or online. In this type of voting a complex method avoids voters to vote more than once, just like in the all traditional or all online methods.

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  • Less physical infrastructure: When running a voting online, you avoid the need for all the physical infrastructure usually required on a traditional voting. No need of paper, printing, physical urns or staff may, therefore, lead to a lower monetary investment.
  • More rich ballots: With the power of linking, image rendering and so on, online voting gives you the chance to add additional information to the ballots that would not be possible on the traditional ones. You can, for example, link to videos of the different candidates on a presidential election, show images of the different visual candidates on a graphic design contest, or link to articles concerning detailed information about where a budget will be spent on a general budget voting. These are just a few examples, but imagine all you could do with online voting to make your ballots richer.
  • Fast and easy votes tally: Since the tally in online voting is run by machines, you can assure that it will not have human counting errors and that it will in most cases run faster than a count carried out by persons, so the results of your election will be available sooner.

Even though there are several reasons to use e-voting, online voting may not necessarily be an improvement step for every organization. You have to take your time to consider the pros and cons of this choice, having in mind your organization’s needs and particularities. If you think that most of these reasons apply to your organization and will improve the way that you run elections, you should definitely consider giving a chance to online voting.